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BFE is dedicated to providing our customers with quality everyday clothing for your pampered pet.  Our products are hand-crafted with quality fabrics and embellishments.  Each piece is beautifully embroidered and all pieces can be personalized with your pet's name.

We are a small business catering to anyone who love high-end products that are unique and different.  Our pet clothing is not mass-manufactured; in fact, there is a limited supply of each design.  Each season - Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer - we feature a new collection.  You will not find "sizes" here; each shirt or dress is individually  sized to your pet's exact measurements. 

We founded our company for three reasons... 

Our love of dogs (and all animals), my love of embroidery, and my obsession with quality in the products that I buy.  When I started to make clothing for my dogs, I was often asked "Where did you get that adorable dress?"  Best Friends Embroidery soon followed!!


We also do customer embroidered and personalized items which are featured on our Custom Page.  If you are looking for something specific - a young girls' dress with matching purse, a dress or shirt for your   tri-pod dog, an embroidered and personalized quilt for grandma - please visit our Custom Page and ask!

Sewing and embroidery is my passion and it shows in each and every item that I produce

Please visit our shop and come back often!

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