Yes, it's true... your baby pup loves you!  No matter where you go she will get lots of attention in this beautiful tribute to you.  Dogs are so loyal, aren't they?  Dress her up in this gorgeous colorful summer dress of lightweight dark-wash denim featuring I Love my Mommy embroidery and ruffles in coordinating navy blue and yellow cotton.  So darn cute!  Boys shirt will be made more masculine coordinating fabric.


All BFE products are handcrafted in the USA and made-to-order to your pets specific measurements. Each dress, shirt or coat is beautifully made to high-end expectations and reflect our commitment to providing you with a quality product. We use durable quality fabrics – denim, chambray, cotton, flannel and fleece – that will hold up with repeated washings. All items are fully lined with coordinating fabric.
~ Customize your pet’s outfit by adding his/her name (extra charge).
~ Any dress, shirt or coat can be customized to include an opening to accommodate a harness (no charge),
~ You can choose from two different closures – snaps or Velcro. Snaps work better for spring/summer items as they allow more air circulation around your pet’s tummy. Velcro will keep your pet warmer and drier in fall and winter weather. Velcro also might be better for owners who have limited mobility with their hands.
~ We are open to other custom features. Please visit our Custom Page to make specific requests. Examples might be crafting a coat for a tripod dog, requests for specific embroidery designs, and specific color themes.

I Love My Mommy Dress or Shirt

  • Please note that personalized items are non-returnable and an additional $10 charge.